Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Pumpkin Door Decor

I saw this idea at the War Eagle Craft Fair up in Northwest Arkansas a couple of years ago and just now got around to making one for myself. They were selling Santa heads, but I decided to do a pumpkin because I needed something "fallish" for my door. Thought it turned out pretty cute.... and it was easy and cheap, or should I say inexpensive. I don't think it looks cheap??

I bought a roll of heavy craft paper at Wal-mart in the paint department (I think for about $6). I drew out my pumpkin on my paper in pencil--I put another sheet of paper the same size underneath so when I cut I would have a back and a front. I secured the paper with some painter's tape before I cut so it wouldn't end up uneven. Before I cut though, I painted. First I outlined my pumpkin in a burnt orange. Then I mixed up some pumpkin orange color and filled it in, not covering up my dark lines. If you work quickly, you can blend the paint on the actual paper and it gives it nice shading.

I added some lighter orange for highlights and a brown stem. After the paint dried, I dry-brushed on some metal and patina glaze by Valspar for an extra glow. After all that was dry, I cut out my pumpkin. If you wanted to paint the back, you could do it now. I just did the front side, but now I'm really wishing I would have done the back just to protect the paper from the humidity. I sprayed it down with a couple of coats of shiny acrylic varnish.

Now, here's a great way to recycle all your plastic bags. I stapled the pumpkin edges and left a spot open so I could stuff in all my plastic bags. I have no idea how many I used, but it was lots. Just get it the size you want (like stuffing a pillow). Then staple up the last part and your pumpkin is almost done.

Now for the finishing touches. I poked a small hole and wired on a pre-made raffia bow that I bought at Michael's (around $2.50). I painted a little wooden cross in a distressed finish to cover the center of the bow and secured it with a dab of hot glue--which didn't work so well, so I added some jute rope around it. Then I found these cute little wooden tags (four for .99 cents) at Michael's. I painted one white, added some glaze and stain and my "Give Thanks" message, and attached it with some jute rope. Lastly, I stapled the ribbon to the top so I could have a way to hang it on my door---and that was it! Let me know how yours turns out.



  1. I really like this. It's not your usual wreath. I enjoy seeing unique ideas.

  2. You're right- no screaming "cheap" here- this is a great idea!!


  3. Why do I have a feeling that you need some serious skill to get a pumpkin that looks that great?? Mine would look like a big ol' orange ball for sure.

    LOVE this idea!

  4. Wow! I just stumbled upon your amazing blog. I love your pumpkin. Also, love your art.


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