Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shells from the summer

Here's a fun and easy craft project that will put to use all those shells you brought home from the beach this summer. It's so simple that my 4 year old made her own with just a little assistance. It's also another one of those projects good for some bonding time.

Here's what you'll need:
Inexpensive wooden craft frame with at least 2 inch border (I got one at Michael's for $1)
Acrylic latex paintable caulk with silicone (I used DAP brand in the Almond color-Walart $2.50)
Caulking Gun
Plastic knife for spreading
Newspaper to do the project on-it's pretty messy
Using the caulking gun, squirt out a thick line of caulk onto the wooden frame. Using the plastic knife, spread the caulk thick and smooth like icing. You will want it pretty thick so the shells will stick down into it. Spread a think layer over edges for a uniform look. Now comes the fun part, using all types of shells, even broken pieces, press them firmly into the caulk. Try to fill up all the spaces using all sizes of shells. Make sure shells are flush on the edges so the frame will sit correctly. Let dry overnight. Insert your favorite beach pic!

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