Sunday, November 8, 2009

Easy Bulletin Boards

I know this idea has been around for years (and I've been making them for years), but I still have people ask me all the time how I make them so I thought I'd share. I've even done a workshop for kids where they got to make their own and they loved it --and they turned out so cute! You'll need a ceiling tile from your home improvement store, (I got mine at Home Depot for under $5. I like the ones with the beveled style edge best-they come in 2'x2' squares or a larger rectangle size.) acrylic paint, brushes, ribbon, and a piece of colored chalk. Also to drill the holes, you will need an electric or cordless drill with a 3/4" bit.

It's so simple: Sketch out your design with the chalk and then paint. Drill two holes near the top and thread your ribbon through. You can also add cute trims-see some of my other designs here. (Don't mind at all if you copy my idea, but please don't copy my designs-thanks) That's it--you're all done! These are cute for displaying art too.

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  1. What a cute art piece...great idea for a little girls birthday party...I always loved coming up with different ideas for birthday parties when my girls were friends and family still give me a hard time about them! Hope you have an awesome week.



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