Monday, November 2, 2009

Framing a masterpiece

Framing your child's art can be an inexpensive way to decorate your walls and add some great conversation pieces! Oh, and it makes them O so proud to see Mom hang up their stuff somewhere besides the refrigerator door : ) Forget custom framing--I started off that way but have found a better alternative. Ready made frames and mats can look just as nice, are much easier on the pocketbook, plus they allow you to swap out the art. Can you tell which ones above are custom and which aren't??

Answer: The custom ones are the purple mat with the turtle and the white/black mat with the horse. All the others are ready made frames and mats. Above is my current favorite. You can find this frame from Michael's for about $7 (cheaper if you use your coupon), and the ready made double white mat (purchased separately) runs around the same price. It's easy to assemble and hang. I always encourage parents to just "try" framing a piece--you will be surprised what a difference a frame and a clean crisp mat makes to any work of art.

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