Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

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I hope all of you have had as much fun as I have over the holidays. I've taken a week off from blogging (although I couldn't resist keeping up with my favorites), spent a lot of quality time with my family and friends, eaten way too much good food and started exercising. Santa was good to me too-more about that later. My lifeline broke down (my iPhone) and I had to send it off, so between not having that distraction, and taking a week off from blogging, I was amazed at how much time I've had to reflect, relax and enjoy the week.

Since I've only been blogging on Calling All Sleepyheads since October, and have had a huge learning curve, I'm still discovering new things each day and starting to have somewhat of a blog identity crisis. But to wrap up 2009, I wanted to highlight my top five favorite blogs that have inspired me, plus recap my own blog posts. These are listed in no particular order and are my favs for a variety of reasons.

Deep Space Sparkle is one of the first blogs I ever started lurking around on about a year ago. It is a super creative blog that has a ton of wonderful art lesson ideas and tips for creating art with children.

Shanty2Chic inspired me to start blogging simply by giving me so many projects to want to try and great tutorials on how to do them. These sisters are so creative and generous in sharing their ideas.

Mod Podge Rocks is a treasure chest of not only creative ideas, but functional and do-able projects for the average person or even kids. Plus, I love how Amy introduces her followers to new creative people on almost every post. She's turned me into a Mod Podge Junkie.

Funky Junk Interiors is my favorite decor blog. I love to decorate and I love decorating with things that are special to me, make or get great deals on. Donna has so many fresh and fun ideas for decorating and she is so skilled with her tools! She also has a great party every Saturday night!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Art du Jour has inspired and challenged me so much in my own creative journey. I've loved seeing Martha Lever's daily art journal entries so much that I've started my own art journal.
Thank you and all the others out there in the blog world for sharing my passion to create and inspiring me to keep creating and blogging!

As far as my own blog goes, I don't have a years worth of posts to pick from, but here's a few favorites....

Top Posts based on number of comments:

Glassware Glam-click here to view post

My Christmas Collage (click here to see post)

And, a couple of my personal favorites:

Easy t-shirts (click here to see post) Can't tell you how many of these I gave as Christmas presents, as well as I recieved many emails with questions.

Art U can do and a bathroom redo (click here to view post) because I love inspiring people to create their own art for their home.

Since October, I've made 35 posts, had Free CountersFree CountersFree CountersFree CountersFree Counters visitors and made 76 new friends who follow my blog. Thanks so much!

Happy New Year! See you soon in 2010!


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