Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playroom sign

Well, so after two hours of downloading Picasa to my Mac and trying to figure it out, I ended up uploading my last three pics using my IPhoto. I still can't figure out how to size correctly. I changed the pic above to a 3 x 5 but it's still tiny. I did think it was cool that you can add the text to your pictures through Picasa (see more pics below), but the only problem was trying to find them after I saved them. I uploaded one using the upload to post, but then I couldn't figure out how to get the next one to the same post. I think I'll stick to painting and crafting-you'll have to use some of your great imaginations with my photos.

Meanwhile, we've been iced in this weekend. We've had lots of time snuggling by the fire trying to thaw out our nose and toes from hours of sledding and snow angels. Oh, and of course, we also had plenty of hot chocolate and chili. Luckily the storm hit after my middle child's birthday party so we got to celebrate with her friends. I can't believe she's 8!

And more excitement on the family front, we have adopted a new critter. My neighbor found "Khaki" and we were fostering her until we found a good home (since I'm allergic to cats), but I'm afraid we've become quite attached. I think she's a keeper.
Can you find her in the pic above?

And this is what I completed this weekend. It's a fun little wooden sign for our playroom that I'm trying to redo. I've still got to attach the hangers and get it up on the wall, but I love how the colors and distressing turned out. I thought the saying, "Be nice or leave!" was appropriate for the playroom. Looking forward to seeing some more great ideas this week at all the parties! You creative people never cease to amaze me!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special



  1. I so love this saying. I have a teen that this would be perfect for. LOL. You did a nice job, love the polka dots.

    Cute kitty, they always know where the warm spots in the house are.


  2. I LOVE your blog! That sign is adorable and I'm so loving the flower art you made in the previous cute and beyond clever! Another craft to add to my never ending "to do" list!

  3. i put picasa on my mac, got frustrated, and went back to iphoto, too!!

  4. Love the "be nice or leave"... sums it up perfectly. Not sure if you've check out Windows Live Writer... I use it to write up my blog posts... you can resize, crop and enhance photos within it - very user friendly. Thanks for linking up to Power of Paint (POPP).

  5. You do such great artwork, I love that it's so whimsical! This sign is def. a must for all kids :o)


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