Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Make the most

Yeah, I know, it's been awhile. We've had a week of snow (like everyone else) and a week of the hubby being out of town, so I've felt a little overwhelmed and my free time has been scarce. I have also seemed to have hit a personal creative wall since my art classes started back. Plus, in January I started a wonderful Bible study called Woman on A Mission, by Linda Slaton ( or see her blog. I've been looking forward to doing this study since spring, and each week I attend, God continues to affirm that I'm in the right place by being there. I've really committed to make this study a top priority right now so I can hopefully get a clear vision of my mission. I love what Linda says about living intentionally. I can truly say that this study has already changed my life and I'm only four weeks into it. It has also really caused me to evaluate how I spend my time; and so I've really been praying about my priorities and blogging. I'm not real sure that this is where God wants me investing my energy right I'm going to continue to pray about it and post "when I have time" instead of taking time away from my priorities. The art above was inspired by where I am right now in my life.

On the home front, I've started to tackle some of my "energy drainers" - a new term I've learned from my Bible study. I was so tired of the bed in the playroom being a trampoline, I moved it out last weekend. All I had to do was mention "Family TV room" and before I could even explain, guess what the hubby ran out and purchased??? Yep, a new flat screen. Men and technology. So I guess the plans for furniture will have to wait a couple months--but at least I'm headed in the right direction....and I have my husband's ringing endorsement. And did you notice....I finally got my sign up!!!

One of my favorite things to do it drink my coffee in the morning while I have my quiet time, and I kind-of have this thing for cool coffee mugs. Here's my newest just makes me happy! It also inspired me to start on the playroom because I LOVE the color combination. I had been waiting for something to jump start me and this $2.50 purchase did the trick. My walls in the playroom are already a gold/yellow color so I'm going to accent with browns, blues, orange and greens. I love this chair from target---fun, yet sophisticated. I'm thinking about a futon type couch (I need something that makes into a bed). I'd love your opinions or suggestions. We don't have a whole lot of overnight guests, but I'd still like it to be pretty comfortable.

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