Saturday, October 23, 2010

Heavenly Blogs

It's been a huge growth year for me. Both as a Christian and an artist. Over the past year I've prayed specifically that God would break my heart for what breaks his; that I would have a generous heart, not just with giving money, but also in giving of my time and talents; and that God would use my passion for art to bless others and bring Him glory.

I'm also learning to say "no", which is SO hard. There are so many wonderful and even Godly things that people are doing everywhere-prayer groups, Bible studies, charity events, even volunteer school activities. I've started saying "let me pray about it", and waiting for God to direct my paths. Believe me when I say, I'm never sure if I'm hearing him correctly or not, but at least I'm bringing it before his throne first. I've said "no" to some things I've really wanted to do, and "yes" to some things really out of my comfort zone, and I'm starting to see God at work.

I started blogging last year about this time because I was so inspired by all the creative blogs. After about two months I was totally burned out. The weekly postings, frantically linking up to blog parties, spending what little bit of free time I had taking pics and trying to figure out html, etc., started to take a toll. My hub and kids started to complain about mom always being on the computer, and so I started to evaluate if I was using my time the way God wanted me to. I started questioning why I felt so compelled to blog. Was it my journalism/writing background? Was it a creative outlet? A way to validate myself or my passion for creativity? A way to eventually promote my art or make a few extra bucks? A new challenge from my daily routine?

So I took a break and prayed-and I'm still praying. I check my favorite blogs a few times a week, post something when I can, and I'm truly at peace about my current blogging status. It's fun; it's definitely addictive for me; and I love making new friends and gaining new inspirations; but right now my blogs are just a hobby. I'm not making any money, promoting my wares or really even have a purpose or an end goal in mind.

But as I expand my blogging horizons beyond crafting, I'm starting to catch a glimpse of perhaps why I was so compelled to start blogging. When I read blogs like We Are THAT Family , A Holy Experience, Woman on A Mission, and Boots McBlog, I'm continually amazed and inspired about how God is using bloggers to make a difference for His kingdom. And amazingly enough, God in all his mercy, is still working on my self centered, self absorbed heart. It's becoming more and more, that unless what I'm doing makes a difference for His kingdom, even if it's just a hobby, it's not really worth doing. So here I am, a year later, trying to link a Godly purpose to my time spent on the computer.

I'll be posting a couple more times on this topic so stay tuned to find out where God is leading me. I'm so excited to let you know what I'm going to be doing through my blogging hobby for His Kingdom!!! Hint: see "Give" art above!