Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Spring!!!

My last post prompted many questions about "Mama Dove." So sad to report that we never saw Daddy Dove come home, and soon after, Mama Dove left too. I couldn't ever muster up the courage to climb up into the tree to see what became of her young; I decided I'd rather not know. I have seen a new mama bird though in and out of the tree here recently, but she is no where near as faithful to her roost as Mama Dove.

I had a wonderful lenten season and a nice break from blogging. Amazing how much more time I had with my family; how much more I got done around my house (which helped with my stress level); and how much more time I spent in God's word. I even started exercising again. It's really made me start to rethink once again how He desires me to use my time right now and if blogging is really for me. Since I really didn't do any "post planning" on my break either, thought I'd say Happy Spring with the cutest idea someone else created. One of our crafty kindergarten class moms created these adorable treats for all the kids to welcome spring. I've seen the dirt and worms snack before, but never presented in such a clever way! She used small plastic pots as bowls; pudding for mud; cookie crumbs for dirt, and gummy worms squirming out the top. She topped them off with Gerber Daisies. Great job Courtney!

I also just had to show off the cute cup cakes that my kiddos decorated for Easter/my youngest's birthday party. We used green sprinkles instead of the recommended green dyed coconut. I thought they did a great job. Hope to have some new things for you in the upcoming weeks! Would love to have your thoughts on blogging: How much time do you spend blogging? How do you manage it with your other responsibilities? Why is it worth it to you?

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