Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getting ready for camp part 2-Packing tips

Is camp a part of your summer for your kids? It can be overwhelming-purchasing everything and then packing it all. If you missed my post last week on painting your own trunk or footlocker, read about it HERE. Last year I received the best packing list compiled by an experienced mom who had obviously packed many a camper. Just thought I'd share some of my favorite tips with you.

Favorite tip #1: Pack each outfit, undies included, in a 2 gallon zip lock baggie. Child can easily grab their outfit and head to the shower and clothes won't end up wet on the floor. Same idea with towel and wash rags.

Favorite tip #2: Pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes so your camper will be sure and send you a letter. *Remember to address one for grandma too!

Favorite tip #3: Shower caddy stocked with all the necessities.

Other items you won't want to forget:

Roll of quarters for drinks and snacks
Disposable cameras
Extension cord and clamp on fan
Laundry bag
Bug spray and anti-itch cream
Swim bag already packed with towel, sunscreen, goggles, towel and flip flops
Large refillable water bottle and Propel or Gatorade packets

What else do you pack for your camper? Let me know what I've forgotten! I'll be posting in a couple days about fun ideas for care packages. 

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Easy Burlap Patriotic Door Decor Tutorial

If you've followed me for awhile, you know that I can't sew. I wish I could! I wish I had the time and patience to learn, but for now, a good stapler and Fabri-Tac are my best friends! I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and my oldest commented that we need to buy some sort of decoration for our front door for the Fourth of July. Surprised that she has not yet developed her DYI brain, I suggested a project for our hot summer day. Here's a super EASY (promise!) project tutorial that you can even do with your kids and it turns out so adorable-no sewing required! It's even kind-of green since we use recycled plastic grocery bags for stuffing!

I purchased 2-yards of red burlap, which was more than enough. I have plenty left over for another project. I folded the burlap in half length-wise and drew out my design with chalk. I wanted a whimsical look so I didn't strive for perfection in my star. Next, I cut out our stars.

My little helpers stamped polka dots with acrylic paint. Note to self: not a good project to do on your wood floors! The paint bleeds through so make sure you put paper underneath. Also, with the red burlap, the dye turns the white kind-of pink, so we had to do another application after it dried.

Let your paint dry. Another note to self: Do not dry outside with the dogs unless you want them to play tug of war with your star. Yes, I had to make one over thanks to my canine family members ; )

Staple all edges but leave a small opening so you can stuff. I started to glue first with Fabri-Tac and then reinforce with staples, but decided I didn't really need to glue it-the staples work just fine by themselves. Pull out your recycled plastic grocery bags and stuff away. Tip: Little hands come in super handy when stuffing the corners.

I stapled on a grosgrain ribbon as a hanger and added a cute sparkle bow to the top. The possibilities are endless-you could use jute, ric-rac, wire and beads, etc....

Happy Fourth of July!
(Now, I need to work on filling those pots ;p )

You also need to check out my friend Melony's new blog called Cleverly Creative Girl. She is just getting started, but already has some yummy recipes, creative ideas, and I love her spin on door decorations! She applied her clever creativity to my pumpkin door decor tutorial. I just love all her designs!


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Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting Ready for Summer Camp- Paint Your Own Footlockers!

I've started pulling out camp gear from the attic to get my oldest ready for her summer camp. Last year was our first year, and I was so crazy trying to make sure I had all my bases covered, I never even posted on it. I thought "Getting Ready for Summer Camp" would be a great mini series to post about as I pull it all together this year. And hopefully I'll get some suggestions from my readers that will help me get organized.

So, last year I had to purchase the foot locker, and to my surprise they were really pricey. Especially the ones we liked; with all the cute designs and fun colors. I found a couple websites that would hand-paint your foot locker for a nice price too. So being a DYI- kind of person, I decided to go with an inexpensive black one from Academy Sports and paint it myself. It ended up being really simple, just time consuming-especially if you have a really detailed design. I wish that I had pictures of the process, but I just have our final project. I'd love to share with you the steps and the products we used.

First, with my daughter's help we came up with our color scheme and basic design.
Here's what you'll need:
KILZ Primer (water based)
Acrylic paint (I used Liquitex Basics)
Paint brushes
Triple Thick Gloss Glaze by Deco Art

(I've listed all the product details in the right sidebar of my art studio website if you need more information on  some of my favorite products-click HERE to view website)

I lightly sanded the top and front of the trunk to remove the "slick" feeling surface. I knew these two spots were going to be completely covered with paint. Paint with one coat of KILZ primer and let dry. Next, I used acrylic paint to create my design. I think the last step is most important. After the paint is completely dry (I'd give it at least two days), it's critical that you apply a durable top coat to keep the paint from scratching. I'm sure any non-yellowing water based polyurethane will do, but I loooove Triple Thick (and no, they don't pay me to say that, however you can purchase it through my art website and I earn a small fee, but I list it there mainly for my readers convenience). Anyway, I applied two coats of Triple Thick to give it a nice glossy and protective finish. 

Check back with me in the upcoming weeks as I post on camp care packages and packing tips. I'd love to see any other camp trunk or footlocker ideas out there if you want to put a link in your comment!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome Summer with a Frozen Chocolate Pie

Since I've been such a terrible blogger lately, I thought I'd share one of my favorite dessert recipes that will be a great way to kick off your summer. It's delicious, quick and easy to make, and only has a few ingredients. I know, I feel guilty posting when I don't have more to share or say, but summer has kicked in, the kids are all home, and I started teaching my art classes last week. I will be posting weekly on my art lesson blog, so if your looking for a painting project for yourself or your kids, come see me over at my studio! Last week we painted Folk Art Houses, Peacocks and American Flags. Click HERE to see post.

Try this recipe out this week-your family will love it! In fact, I always make two at a time!

Four Ingredients:
6 Hershey Bars with Almonds
1 Stick butter
1 Carton Cool Whip
1 Oreo or Chocolate Pie Crust

In your microwave, melt chocolate bars and butter on low heat in a microwave. Stir together until smooth. 

Fold cool whip into chocolate mixture and stir until smooth. 

Pour into pie crust and place in freezer.
Top with cool whip before serving.