Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting Ready for Summer Camp- Paint Your Own Footlockers!

I've started pulling out camp gear from the attic to get my oldest ready for her summer camp. Last year was our first year, and I was so crazy trying to make sure I had all my bases covered, I never even posted on it. I thought "Getting Ready for Summer Camp" would be a great mini series to post about as I pull it all together this year. And hopefully I'll get some suggestions from my readers that will help me get organized.

So, last year I had to purchase the foot locker, and to my surprise they were really pricey. Especially the ones we liked; with all the cute designs and fun colors. I found a couple websites that would hand-paint your foot locker for a nice price too. So being a DYI- kind of person, I decided to go with an inexpensive black one from Academy Sports and paint it myself. It ended up being really simple, just time consuming-especially if you have a really detailed design. I wish that I had pictures of the process, but I just have our final project. I'd love to share with you the steps and the products we used.

First, with my daughter's help we came up with our color scheme and basic design.
Here's what you'll need:
KILZ Primer (water based)
Acrylic paint (I used Liquitex Basics)
Paint brushes
Triple Thick Gloss Glaze by Deco Art

(I've listed all the product details in the right sidebar of my art studio website if you need more information on  some of my favorite products-click HERE to view website)

I lightly sanded the top and front of the trunk to remove the "slick" feeling surface. I knew these two spots were going to be completely covered with paint. Paint with one coat of KILZ primer and let dry. Next, I used acrylic paint to create my design. I think the last step is most important. After the paint is completely dry (I'd give it at least two days), it's critical that you apply a durable top coat to keep the paint from scratching. I'm sure any non-yellowing water based polyurethane will do, but I loooove Triple Thick (and no, they don't pay me to say that, however you can purchase it through my art website and I earn a small fee, but I list it there mainly for my readers convenience). Anyway, I applied two coats of Triple Thick to give it a nice glossy and protective finish. 

Check back with me in the upcoming weeks as I post on camp care packages and packing tips. I'd love to see any other camp trunk or footlocker ideas out there if you want to put a link in your comment!

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  1. LOVE your trunk!!! Thanks for sharing the details.
    Christie Daugherty


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