Thursday, January 26, 2012

Decorate with Children's Art

I know I teach art to children, but even if I didn't, I know I would still think art work created by kids is some of the cutest around. Especially when it comes to finding art to decorate a child's space. 

We've done some room updates this year. You know... they are getting older, outgrowing the princess pink and wanting to make their room THEIR own.

Both my girls wanted to paint their own art for their rooms. So, you know as an art teacher, I kinda had to let them. And honestly, I tried to keep my paws off and let them do it all themselves. I'm so impressed with their results.

The white paper pieces have music printed on them-all her idea. And she just had to have the real wire on there for the strings. I really discouraged it, but she persisted, and I'm so glad she did because it turned out great.

We also had to do some splatter art. My daughter and niece did this piece together. I love it-when she gets tired of it, I'm going to hang it downstairs somewhere!

They are both so proud of their "new" rooms!


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