Sunday, January 9, 2011

Furniture refinish and dining room redo

I undertook a huge project in March (see post here) and I was starting to think I'd never finish. We built our home over six years ago and I've never really done anything with my dining room. Unfortunately, it's the first thing you see when you come in my front door. For starters, I was very attached to the dining room furniture my husband and I bought together at an auction over 15 years ago. It was the first big purchase we ever made together as a newly married couple, and at that point in our life we thought it was such a large table that we didn't even care that the leaves were missing.

Secondly, when we moved in this house when I was pregnant with my third child and I just haven't had the time or energy since to care about shopping, decorating or making decisions. And I've just never really gotten an inspiration for my dining room. I knew I wanted it to be more comfortable and useful while still incorporating our traditional antique furniture that I'm so sentimentally attached to.

Now my third problem with "doing" my dining room was budget. I haven't really had the budget to work with. Seems like something higher on the priority list always comes first; you know like.... a bed for my toddler turning big girl, new tires, kids activities, vacation, etc...

Well, so I decided last spring I had to do something with my dining room. Last November (I'm talking 2009) I stopped in a store called Park Hill Home and fell in love. I finally had my inspiration but it involved a new table!

So after a year of saving my money, and persuading my hubs, we agreed to get a new table and keep the chairs, so I started refinishing them in March so they would be ready by the time I could afford to purchase the table. I also received a piece of furniture from my grandfather who passed away, and I decided to refinish it too. It was in pretty bad shape.

Luckily, I had some help : )

I still can't decide if I like the natural look or if I should paint it???

I finally purchased the table a year later (2010) and pulled it all together just in time for the holidays. I even finished two oil painting for the walls. I really like the way it is coming together. It's comfy but elegant, casual with a hint of formal, and eclectic. We even played bunko on it and I didn't have to worry about scratches! I love the old and some new mixed together. I ordered the parsons chairs online from Carrington Court Direct and they were very inexpensive. The mirror was a birthday present from hubs, and I found the lamps half price at Hobby Lobby. I wasn't real crazy about the color but I loved their shape (and I can always paint, right?). Sorry for the long post but this is what I've been up to the last couple of months and I had to share. So happy it's finally done!

Oh, and a extra big thank you to Clover Lane for the awesome tutorial that helped me make my new header! I'm so thankful for all you helpful ladies out there!

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  1. Hi. I love your dining room look - eclectic and interesting, yet very inviting. The table is gorgeous - so relaxed. I have some similar chairs that I painted Heirloom White and mixed with some stained antique chairs and I like the blend of styles. I'm seeing that decorators like non-matching chairs these days. Anyway,you have a beautiful room now! Linda

  2. Your dining room makeover looks beautiful! I love your new table! As far as the table from your grandfather...its very pretty, but my vote is paint it! :) Thank you so much for you comment on my blog! It was very nice meeting you! Have a great week! God Bless!

  3. So pretty! I love the skirted parsons chairs, they give it that "collected over time" look that I love! I don't think you should paint the piece from your grandfather, it's beautiful just the way it is.

  4. I see you have a little helper. from a children author, Ca.


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