Saturday, March 27, 2010

A little elbow grease

Just a sneak peak at what I've been busy doing lately--besides Spring Break! My husband and I celebrate our 15 year anniversary in May. These chairs, along with a dining table, were our first purchases together as a married couple. We bought the table and 6 chairs at an antique auction for our little apartment dining area. All I've ever done to it is recover the chairs....almost 15 years ago. Our family has out grown the table (we can't push the end chairs up under the pedestals on the ends, so it really only seats four comfortably), but I'm still in love with the chairs. I just can't part with the whole set (remember I'm a pretty sentimental gal), so I've decided to keep the chairs and refinish them.

I'm tired of the dark wood and shiny varnish-it just looks "cheap" to me. I stumbled across almost 2 yards of this great fabric for only $25 and it inspired me to go ahead and get started. The original chair is on the left. The chair on the right has been sanded down and recovered. I love the new upholstery!

Now I have to decide if I want to leave it with this weathered, distressed look; paint it; or add a little stain and a matte varnish..... I love the way the details show up with all that dark stain sanded off. Would love to hear what you think???? Any other ideas or suggestions??? I've never refinished a piece of furniture before to this degree. Now five more chairs to go : )

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  1. Love the fabric!

    I would live with the one chair for a week or two. For me it may mean changing my mind many times. That is why I wait a bit.

    I do like the chair sanded down.


  2. I'm with you, the sanded look works perfectly. I have a table that I've been thinking about doing the same thing to. Do you do all your upholstery yourself?? Any tutorials?? **hint, hint**

  3. You are right to keep the chairs--they are classics! I like the new finish and love the fabric!

  4. I love the fabric you've chosen to add to them. It's very pretty. As someone else suggested "live with them for a bit" and then make your decision. I really like the look you've gave them now.

  5. I really like the sanded down version - nice job. I think you'll end up doing something other than stain, maybe tung oil. That won't change or darken it too much. Nice job!

    Hope you'll drop by AtticMag to give JaneT some advice on making a bench from a vintage bed. #81 on Met Monday.


  6. OMG - I love it! The sanded down stained chair - so gorgeous! And that fabric! I love the original, but the new one is fantastic! Fabulous transformation! I paint nearly everything, but I wouldn't paint this - I love them!

  7. Love the fabric....What a cute blog and love the polka dots on the sides...After a hard week, spending a relaxing hour of blog hopping.

    So glad I stopped by your blog. Happy Easter

  8. It is a nice new look, I think you could just add some protective coating. It depends on what else is around the pieces too, hard to tell from blog pics

  9. The shape of these chairs is wonderful and they are worth saving. The new fabric is very fun and I like your choice to sand the finish down instead of just painting them. Very unique.

  10. I really like your fabric too. It goes great with the sanded chair.

  11. Great job on the chair. I love the weathered look. You could probably just put some satin varnish and still retain the distressed look but it might protect it better. Love the fabric!


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