Friday, February 5, 2010

Messy is Fun

I love the blog "Ramblings of a Crazy Woman". Every time I read her posts, Jennwa helps put things in perspective for me. She seems like she has so much fun with her kids, and does so many fun and creative, yet simple things that don't take a lot of preparation. Since I teach art, I tend to over plan and get too detailed when I do crafts with my kids, when most of the time, teaching them "art" or the project outcome is not the point.

Anyway, Jennwa's post yesterday inspired me to take action. So even though I had one of those crazy, busy days, I took 15 minutes out today and had some fun with my little one instead of resorting to Dora to keep her occupied. The bonus was that I got my counter tops nice and shiny in the process, and she kept playing after I got done so I got my kitchen tidy-ed up.

I know it's not a craft, and it's not art, but it is creative and fun--plus I spent some quality time bonding with one of the most important little people in my life.

Thanks Jennwa! Love your ideas!

Oh--and thank you Amy from Mod Podge for the blogger for dummies tip on enlarging my photos--I've had no idea this whole time that there were buttons there that let you select three sizes when you upload them (mine was set on small), but now I see it!!! Yeah for bigger pics!


  1. I think it's art have you ever seen the sand painting on youtube here's the link in case you want to see.
    Your little ones work reminds me of this :)

  2. That is such a fun thing for the kids and moms to do. Thanks for all the nice things you said, it brought a much needed smile to my face.

    Love your counters by the way, they look just like mine.

  3. What was she playing with on the counter? I feel ya too, my little gets babysat by the t.v. at times and I feel bad when she does. It's so hard to get "everything" done while trying to spend time with the little ones.

  4. You are hilarious - love the shaving cream!!


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