Friday, October 23, 2009

Canvas Floor Cloth

I love doing canvas floor cloths. They are such a fun way to perk you up on the days your looking down. This is a canvas floor cloth that I helped my daughter's class make for their school art auction. I used a 2' x 3' pre-made floor canvas by Fredrix that I ordered from . I painted the background design and scripture around the edge and then took it up to school and let each student design and paint their own heart. I gave the final design three coats of Delta Cermacoat glossy indoor/outdoor varnish. I thought they did such a great job and it turned out adorable. This would also be a great teacher gift.

Usually when I make a custom floor cloth I make it with the 100% cotton duck canvas and cut it to the size I need. I prepare the canvas with two thick coats of Gesso, glue down a 1 inch edge with Fabri-Tac, paint my design with acrylic paint and seal. Also, a coat of paste floor wax with help preserve it.

Custom Floor Cloth by Sleepyhead Designs

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