Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My favorite RECYCLE projects

Earth Day is coming up April 22.... so to celebrate I thought I'd recap some favorite projects of mine that feature recycled items. I love coming up with creative ways to use "trash". So how to I define "trash"? It's either stuff that I would normally throw away, or things that need a new look. Making something useful out of both are forms of recycling, right?!

Thought it be fun to do a guessing game, so here it goes:
Click on the picture to see the link (most have tutorials)

What can you make out of your empty laundry detergent boxes?

What can you make out of a toilet paper roll?

What can you make from old, ugly canvases?

What about a t-shirt with a grease stain?

What can you do with all those plastic bags?

What can you make out of a Pizza Box?

What about old sponges and paper grocery bags?

Happy Earth Day!!!



  1. I love every idea, especially the laundry box and pumpkin. Going to use the laundry boxes to store all those fabric scraps.

    Thanks so much!


  2. I love this post - bringing so many great ideas together. I think I may have to start buying Tide - I can see those boxes holding art magazines or hand-painted papers. And I've been planning on bleaching & overpainting a dress - this gives me even more ideas.
    Thank you


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