Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great Christmas Gifts

Ok, I know I seemed to have gone off on a t-shirt tangent here lately. But I'm just so excited about the new cross t-shirts I made this week that I had to share again. If you remember, I posted a tutorial for some easy recycled cross t-shirts a week or so ago. I've been wearing mine and have had so many compliments and people asking where I got it that I decided to make some more for gifts. I did a few things different this time and the results were great. Check these out.

1. I bought a new spray bottle that has a mist spary verses a stream spray
($1 from Target in the "travel sized" section.)

2. I used a 50% water/50% bleach mix instead of straight bleach.

4. I cut a cross shape out of card board instead of using duct tape.

5. I washed immediately in cold water after spraying bleach and ditched the hair dryer step.

When I was online and was looking for cross shape ideas, I ran across this website It gave some interesting history on different cross figures. The cross shape that I used on my t-shirts is referred to as the:

1. Latin Cross with three 'buds' is called a Budded Cross. In Christianity, the three-leafed clover end caps remind believers of the Trinity, and also the teachings in 1Corinthians 13: "Faith, Hope, Love; The greatest of these is love."
2. A trefoil cross, with or without a corpus, is often an identification mark for a cathedral, hence it is occasionally named a Cathedral Cross. Chapel and Church crosses are usually less ornate.The design is probably copied from earlier Celtic Druidry, where they represent the three dominions of earth, sky and sea. Like the appendages of other crosses, the 'buds' have other interpretations. For example, a connection with Aaron's staff that budded (see Numbers 17) and was preserved in the Ark of the Covenant, showing that life can emerge from death and renewed life from difficult circumstances. Or like the buds of a flower where a journey of growth in faith, like flowers growing but not yet bloomed.
3. Since there are four arms, each with three buds, another name of this cross is the Apostles' Cross, with one bud for each of the twelve budding Christian apostles. Synonymous with apostle is disciple. Both words mean a follower of Christ and usually spelt with an initial capital letter when referring to one of the original twelve Disciples. Of course, discipleship is not restricted to those twelve men. In Matthew 16:24 we all have an invitation to be a disciple of Christ.

As a Christian, wearing a cross has a special significance to me because I am so personally thankful that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. What a great way to share your faith when someone inquires about the "cross on your t-shirt".
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  1. That is great and easy craft! Thanks for sharing on Made it Monday! Jules

  2. I made these and they are the greatest!! I will put a link to mine when I post them. I made christmas presents for all the women in my family. Thank you for sharing. I will link back to your post too. Thanks for sharing your creative talent.

    Amy @ the nifty nurse

  3. I stumbled across your link via Pinterest. I love the idea! I am making two red shirts for my girls for Easter! Thanks for the great post. I might end up mentioning your post on my blog, if I get around to it-ha!


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