Sunday, November 29, 2009

Art U Can Do

I repainted my half bath a couple months ago and added some stripes--it took me forever but I love the way it turned out. My art students use this bathroom, so I wanted it to be fun and creative, but not too "childish". When I saw the stripes and knew I needed some "polka dots", so I created this art as the focal point. Here's a tutorial on some really easy art you can create for your home. I recreated a small piece to show you how it's done. If you can draw a circle and pick up a paint brush, U can do this art! Keep in mind that this is a multi-step process and can't be done in one sitting.

You will need a canvas, some Modeling Paste (I use Dick Blick brand) and a palette knife (a regular plastic knife should also work fine). Also, acrylic paint colors of your choice, paint brushes, items to create additional texture and varnish.

First, using your palette knife, spread the modeling paste over the front of your canvas. It's easy, just like icing a cake. Get it thick and let the texture show...nice little peaks and curves.

Now, with the point of your palette knife, or a pencil, end of a paint brush,etc., draw your circles, shapes or design. Don't worry about them being perfect, concentrate more on your pattern spacing and balance.

Now, using your texture items (this could be a stamp, a sponge, bubble wrap--anything that will leave a cool imprint), imprint onto the paste in a few places. This adds some extra interest.

Let this sit until it's completely dry--at least 24 hours.

Now, ready for the fun part?? Ok.... let's paint.

Chose a color for your base coat. I used a light tan/beige color. Cover the entire canvas. Let the base coat dry--yes, you must wait again. Usually a couple hours will do the trick.

Now, you are going to chose some colors to dry brush across your canvas. What is dry brush, you ask? I'm sure there's a technical definition, but I would explain it as when you get a dry paint brush (I use one with a coarse bristles) and dab it in paint and then wipe the majority of the paint off the brush before you apply it to something else. I wipe it off on another sheet of paper until just a little paint is left on the brush. Then when you run your brush across your nicely textured canvas, it makes the the patterns pop right out. I used three colors; a sienna brown, a black and a creamy yellow.

The great thing about painting is that if you mess up, it's easy to fix. Just paint over it or add more paint. Have fun experimenting here...sometimes mistakes are your favorite surprises.

Now, paint your circles in. Add some darker and lighter colors around the edges of your circles to give the shapes some depth.

If you like the distressed look, add a darker color to your edges and then wipe it off. Some of the paint will stay on the texture giving a nice, aged effect. I used some metallic paint over the top of my circles too, to give them a nice glimmer.

After your paint dries, apply a clear, non-yellowing varnish. I like Delta Cermacoat in a satin finish. And there you have it--You did it! Your own original work art!

**I love to share how I create things, but please don't copy or sell my original designs. I would also appreciate credit if you repost any of my photos or artwork.

Thanks so much and happy painting!

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