Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Recycled Holiday Napkins Rings

Happy December.. the count down has officially started! Okay, so I've been really busy. Not shopping or crafting, but trying to get everything decorated for Christmas before Christmas arrives. This is what I was up against this weekend....just dragging the boxes out took a whole morning.

But I'm making some progress, and hope to be able to take you on a tour before the week is over. Here's a sneak peak at some of my decorations.

I've put myself on a budget this year for decorating. I'm limiting myself to only $25 in new things to add to our current Christmas decor, and I didn't get any new stuff last year in the after Christmas sales like I usually do, so I've got to be a little creative to freshen things up. I needed some Christmas napkin rings for my kitchen so I decided to try to make some with supplies that I already had. This idea hit me while I was on the toilet-he he! Can you guess what I'll be recycling?

Time to get your mind out of the potty now. Here's how I did these cute little things and they are easy, easy, easy. My four year old even helped. Of course, I think we both had more fun peeling the glue off our hands. I think the pics are pretty self explanatory, but feel free to ask if you have any questions. I used toilet paper rolls (cut in half), scrap fabric, scrap book paper, buttons, thread and a large needle, regular and sparkle Mod Podge. The key is to get the fabric good and saturated with the glue so it dries with a nice shiny sheen. Also, thin cotton fabric seemed to work the best.

I loved how they turned out and can't wait to set up my table, but now I'm also thinking gifts. Aren't they cute packaged up. I may be busy in the upcoming weeks and covered with Mod Podge.

These literally cost me NOTHING to make. When my daughter saw them, she said, "Mom, these look like something you buy in the store." I guess that's a compliment?

Of course, my creative juices started flowing looking at all my fabric scraps. I couldn't resist making a fun, funky one. The possibilities are endless! You could have napkin rings for every occasion, and custom ones too.

I'll be posting my tables settings later, but I'm still working on a
couple of things to finish them off.

Hope you like???
*Hate to have to say it every time, but I love to show you how I make things so you can make them yourself, but please don't copy or make and sell my original designs. I don't mind you sharing my ideas as long as you give me credit for my creation.
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  1. Look at how cute they all are! Great way to use up small pieces of fabric too :) I love decoupaging!

  2. Ohhhh, I love these! Just this morning I threw out a toilet paper roll but before I did I was thinking I should make something with it (like the crackers) ... that's as far as the thought went and tossed it out. Now that I've seen these the next ones will be saved and transformed. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stacy, I read your comment on the DIY page and I am also new. I can't see any of the links for the other posts and was wondering if you were able to get that going and have some advice? BTW, love the napkin ring idea!!

  4. Gay-you think I'd have this all figured out after almost 2 months-but I can't even find your email address on your blog so I hope you see this--I was in contact with the McLinky guy all day yesterday and he thinks it's a problem with my browser. It's strange though bc I linked up to one place fine. I got on my hubbys laptop when he got home and it worked from his so I guess it's something with my computer.

  5. very cute idea -- my twin girls love to paint the empty toilet paper rolls -- i'll have to put them to work on making napkin holders now!


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